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Solar Electric/PV Clean Energy - Maximum Efficiency - Advanced Technology As energy costs continue to increase, it's no surprise that thousands of homeowners are choosing solar power. A hybrid solar energy system will help control costs and will increase the resale value of your home. MyGen and Solene systems deliver solar electricity and solar hot water efficiently and reliably with virtually no issues or maintenance, making this a smart decision for your family, your home and the environment. Why is a Hybrid Solar System the total solution? Photovoltaic (PV, or solar electric) technology can replace a portion of the electricity you use in your home, but the more conventional electricity is replaced, the higher the solar investment. Because solar thermal technology is more cost-effective and efficient than PV, you can save up to 25-30% of your solar investment by replacing the water heating portion of your electric bill with solar thermal technology. By utilizing a MyGen PV system with a Solene Hot Water system, you get the best of both technologies at the highest efficiencies and the best price. Here Is Why. In a typical home, the equivalent of 2.3 kWh of electricity is expended on heating water for every day uses like laundry, showers and dishwashing. Adding a Solene solar water heater to your MyGen solar electric system purchase is like adding an additional 2.3 kWh to your home's solar energy output. For example, you can purchase a 3.6 kWh solar electric system with a solar thermal water heater and achieve a total equivalent energy output of more than 5.9 kWh - for about 25-30% less than a 5.9 kWh solar electric system! Solar Calculator MyGen Solar Panel MyGen Logo Kyocera's MyGen Systems are convenient photovoltaic (PV) solar power equipment packages designed specifically for residential and small commercial grid-tied application. Kyocera offers a variety of sizes that use the latest KD Modules in a variety of PV array configurations. All systems are pre-engineered to optimize performance and meet applicable NIC codes and requirements. Kyocera PV systems are modular and fully expandable for future upgrades. Kyocera's solar electric systems are ideal for either new construction or retrofit applications. The systems are compatible with a wide variety of roof types and materials and are quick and easy to install. Systems include all components necessary for a complete PV installation. Best of all, the surplus energy is sold back to the utility company. MyGen solar electric systems require no maintenance and are wind rated to 140 miles per hour.

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